Men's Business Dress Codes

Business Classic

Even though the first thing that comes to mind when we say Business Classic is work clothing, it is possible to have a good stylish look with dresses combined with a good style.

Striped suits can be preferred for a long look, and waist-fitting jackets for a strong look. One of the most important points to be considered in classical clothing is the choice of trousers. Trousers that are not well chosen according to the person’s body can make the wearer appear overweight or short. That’s why he should avoid pleated trousers. For men, classic clothing used to mean dark dresses. Today this has changed quite a bit. Although navy blue and black are among the most preferred colors, white, gray, and pastel colors have now taken their place in the classic clothing style.

Business Casual

Business casual can be defined as the dress code between jeans and a suit. Cloth trousers should be worn in your office where the dress code is determined as business casual. While some companies allow trousers sewn with khaki and chino fabrics, these trousers should never look sloppy. Just like your suit, you should always keep your canvas pants ironed. T-shirts are not part of this style.

You should wear plain trousers/skirts and jackets, blazers, and quality trousers/skirts made of separate fabrics on the top and bottom. Lighter colors should be preferred in jackets/skirts/trousers compared to Business Classic, and colors that add depth to the shirt should be preferred. You should use patterns and lines, buttoned collars and buttoned cuffs, and avoid sleeveless clothes.

Oxford shoes can be shown as the best complement to the business casual wear code.

Smart Casual

Smart casual is the favorite dress code of men, and when
created correctly, it can be both very comfortable and extremely stylish. Casual tee jeans, trousers; blazer jackets, sneakers…

Jeans are suitable for this dress code. However, the jeans
you choose should be compatible with your body type, not too shabby and loose, and of course not made of torn/stoned fabrics. Polo collar slim fit t-shirts and slim fit shirts are also frequently used in smart casual clothing codes, and basic plain t-shirts can be combined with sports blazers.

When using your sneaker-type sneakers, choose a sports shirt
instead of a t-shirt.Oxford-type shoes and lace-up college shoes are among the shoes that can be used in this dress code.

Photos : Olya Adamovich ; Pixabay, Lars Kienle and Bruce Mars ; Unsplash